So I am guilty of texting and driving which I know is absolutely terrible. I always tell myself that I will stop, and I truly need to!

So from my previous blog I talked about how I was unsure about my faith and what I believed as far as God goes. So this morning while I was on my normal 30 minute commute to work I was texting my sister in law and clearly not paying attention to the road. All of a sudden I looked up and everyone had come to a halt while I was still going 70mph. I slammed on my breaks swerved and had to switch lanes which thankfully nobody was coming in! All of this on top of a huge overpass. It was terrifying and I am almost positive I shit myself. But it made me wonder. What saved me? What or who decided that I was going to make it out alive today? I always look for signs that I am meant to be here in this world, that I am going to do something great with my life. I have always told my husband that I have a feeling I wont be around for a long time, that I feel like I wont live past 30, or have any children. Not because I don’t want to, its just a deeper feeling that I have always had inside. I am wanting to believe that today I was given a sign that I do have a greater purpose here on earth, at least for a little while longer.