Anyone that knows me knows that I am not strong in my faith, and it is something I constantly struggle with. I want to believe that there is a higher power that is good an loving, but there are times where that seems almost impossible. I want to believe that everything happens for a reason and that all of the bad things in this world are all part of “Gods Plan”, but not really sure how that works. So the 3 year old boy who gets molested and murdered.. that’s part of a plan? My grandfather dying of cancer after being healthy his whole life..that’s part of a plan? The couple trying to conceive, and being told it will never happen…that’s part of a plan? I guess these are just a few of the instances that I do not understand. How could things that are so evil and saddening be apart of Gods plan? I want to start going to church but I am scared of being judged like I was growing up in the church of a small town. It was something we were forced to do growing up and I think it really swayed the way I felt about it. I don’t want a religious debate to come from this, I just want a clearer understanding of the plan..